20+ Best Nail Polish

By | December 13, 2020

A little practice goes a long way when perfecting your at-home manicure, and having an arsenal of the best nail polish brands can help you get the kind of next-level results you’re used to leaving the salon with. Everyone has a signature color they swear by, whether it’s a timeless red, a moody navy, or a soft, dreamy pastel that’s popping up all over your feed.

But if you’ve ever painted your own nails, you’ll know that not all nail polishes are created equally: Some streak, some take hours to dry, others chip the same day. You could easily spend years looking for a brush and formula you love—which is why we did the work for you and came up with this list of tried-and-true polishes. From undisputed classics to indie brands with nontoxic formulas, scroll through 20 of the best nail polish brands to add to your collection.

20+ Best Nail Polish

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