20+ Best Manicure

Picking out the right type of manicure for yourself requires way more than just choosing the look you like best (although I’ll admit—that’s a good chunk of the decision process). You’ll also want to factor in the upkeep for that specific mani type, so you know what it is you’re signing up for. In other… Read More »

20+ Best Nail Stickers

It may seem like a small difference, but there’s something about having a polished, Instagram-worthy set of nails that can totally uplift your mood. While nail art used to be limited to simple designs or left to the well-trained salon pros, the increasing availability of gorgeous nail polish stickers means you can easily add an… Read More »

20+ Best Nail Stamping

Nail stamping is a great way to get a unique manicure at home without the hefty price tag of a salon visit. They’re also considerably easy for beginners to use as you explore the nail art game for the first time, and you’ll find the best nail stamping kits will give you a good number… Read More »

20+ Best Pedicure

Never has there ever been a better time to perfect the at-home pedicure. While we wish it wasn’t because of a pandemic, the circumstances don’t change the fact that many of us are missing having our feet pampered and toes painted on a regular basis. That’s where we come in: During this time, we’re dedicated… Read More »

20+ Best Acrylic Nails

At-home manicures don’t have to be boring. You can play around with gel polishes, dip powder kits, and even acrylics. The latter might sound intimidating for a beginner, but with the right tools (and some patience) you can achieve nail salon-worthy results right from your living room. “With some practice, doing your own acrylic nails… Read More »

20+ Best Nail Color

Let’s be honest: The only stressful part about getting a manicure is choosing what color to commit to for the next seven to 14 days. As far as cosmetic appointments go, that’s pretty painless! But then you turn and face the color wall. Now more than ever there are just so many beautiful, slightly different,… Read More »

20+ Best Nail Polish

A little practice goes a long way when perfecting your at-home manicure, and having an arsenal of the best nail polish brands can help you get the kind of next-level results you’re used to leaving the salon with. Everyone has a signature color they swear by, whether it’s a timeless red, a moody navy, or… Read More »

20+ Best Nail Effect

Trips to the nail salon can be pricey, but who doesn’t want immaculate, glossy nails at all times? Luckily, it’s possible to recreate the salon-look for a fraction of the price. When it comes to your at-home manicure We’ve already tested the best quick-dry nail products to help your nail polish dry faster, and now… Read More »

20+ Best Xmas Nails

Once Thanksgiving hits, the general messaging seems to be that more is more—but that’s not always true, particularly with holiday nail ideas. While Christmas nails may bring to mind sculpted Santas, over-the-top glitter, and red and green everything, there are actually plenty of subtle options available to show your spirit in style. The coolest riffs… Read More »

20+ Best Winter Nails

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of seasonal beauty trends. My motto 99 percent of the time? Just go ahead and wear whatever your little heart desires, no matter the month or the vibes on your Instagram. HOWEVER, nail polish colors are the only exception. For that, I am all about switching up… Read More »

20+ Best Valentines Day Nails

Is there any better time to bust out that bold red nail polish than on February 14th? After all, the color has long been associated with Valentine’s Day in the form of red rose bouquets and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. But if you’re looking for some ideas to take your standard manicure to the next… Read More »

20+ Best Summer Nails

Believe it or not, the moment to transition from spring nail colors to the brighter, beachy hues of summer is just around the corner. To get ready, we turned to O’s associate beauty editor Erin Stovall as well as Nina Park—an expert nail artist with a cult following on Instagram—for their tips on which trendy… Read More »

20+ Best Spring Nails

From blooming flower gardens to the sunny touches in your own home, you can find cheery and lively colors all-around this spring. Why should your nails be any different? It’s time to shelf the moody blacks and wine-soaked reds — pastels and jewel tones are going to reign supreme this season. Whether it’s pink for… Read More »

20+ Best New Years Nails

The year is almost over and that alone is enough reason to celebrate. So throw a party—in the form of a manicure. New Year’s Eve 2020 may look a little different than what we’re used to, but even if it means we’ll be drinking champagne dressed in loungewear on our couches, we can still add… Read More »

20+ Best Halloween Nails

Halloween is about going all out. From elaborate decorations to awesome Halloween costumes to fun face makeup and wild hairstyles, there’s no shortage of ways to show your spooky spirit on October 31. When you’re sorting out your Halloween look, don’t forget about your nails. Giving your fingernails the ultimate Halloween treatment will add more… Read More »

20+ Best Fall Nails

When considering the colder season, you might safely predict that the forecast for fall nail colors would feature a tried-and-true mix of black, bright red or navy. But if you truly want to embrace what’s trending, there are more adventurous tints to turn to when lacquering up. It’s all about opting for a shade less… Read More »

20+ Best Nail Design

Call your favorite manicurist and round up your whole entire squad, because it’s time to get the nails done RIGHT. From ombre fades and cool graphics to the 1990s French tips that are making a comeback, we’ve got every single nail trend on your feed right here in one place. Oh and btw, you might… Read More »

20+ Best Nail Care

There’s no shortage of things that can contribute to dry, brittle, breaking nails. Maybe you peeled off a gel manicure (a major no-no, but let’s be real, we’ve all done it). Maybe it’s the dead of winter and your nails are just as flaky and peel-y as your hands. Maybe you’ve been sporting some type… Read More »

20+ Best Matte Nails

While I can spend a long time going through my skincare routine, when it comes to my makeup and beauty routine, I am lazy about 75% of the time. And right now, in quarantine, I’m lazy about 95% of the time, except for when I put on my beloved tinted lip balm on special occasions… Read More »

20+ Best Gel Nails

While it can admittedly seem like a daunting DIY beauty task, giving yourself an at-home gel manicure really isn’t as hard as you might think. Particularly when there’s a whole world of gel nail kits available that can make the process that much easier. “You have everything you need for a gel manicure at your… Read More »